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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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The electronic cigarette is an electronic device that can create a hot and smokeless steam, diffusing nicotine or other liquids with the help of an atomizer. The electronic cigarette is composed of three parts: BATTERY, ATOMIZER, and INHALER/CARTRIDGE. It can also be used with a clearomizer system. The clearomizer can firstly be filled with larger quantities of e-liquid and secondly creates hotter steam in your mouth. The clearomizer also promotes HIT (recreating the classic cigarette sensation of smoke passing through your throat). The most popular clearomizer model are the CE5 or CE5 + version that can be dismantled.

Yes and No! There are e-liquids (the liquid that you put in the electronic cigarette) with and without nicotine, you can make your choice when you order your electronic cigarette refills. There are also several different percentages of nicotine possible, depending on whether you are a heavy smoker or not, and there are so-called “light” cigarettes.

This is the question that comes up most often when talking about electronic cigarette, does “smoking” electronic cigarettes (vaping) prevent regular smoking? Not in this sense that the electronic cigarette is recognized as a medicine, such as anti-smoking patch found in pharmacies or other palliative products. On the other hand there is the fact that “vaping” (smoking a vaporizer) can help you maintain the sensation and movements of regular smoking. This is still the beginning of the electronic cigarette and it continually evolves. Many people have used it to quit smoking with a high success rate, but it is not a pharmaceutical product so we can not say that the electronic cigarette makes you quit smoking (but it can greatly help you there).

The electronic cigarette should be used by adults. People with high blood pressure or heart disease, and women that are pregnant, should consult their doctor if they want to vape with nicotine. People allergic to nicotine should use e-liquids without nicotine.


Remove the cap, and clean the inside of the device. Make sure any juice that may have leaked into the device is cleaned out.

A blinking light during inhalation indicates that the Cap is not making contact with the device. If this is the case, slightly adjust the contacts on the Cap and device to ensure that they are making proper contact with one another.

Check to see if your charger and device are properly cleaned. If the problem persists, please contact support@ignitevape.co

There are various ways to clean your Bo device, but the most efficient would be to use a dry cotton swab to clean the inside of the device where the caps should be inserted.


Currently, our flavors include Amber 11's Fruit Cocktail, and Sienna 7's Mango.

Ignite x Bo Pods come with 50 mg nicotine juices that satisfy your nicotine cravings perfectly.